PJS : Protect your pallet jacks from damage during transit.  

The Mighty Lift Pallet Jack Stop eliminates damage due to movement when a truck is in motion. No need to tie the jack down or flip it on its side. Roll the jack onto the stop and that's where it stays until its ready to be used again. Made of heavy-duty rubber, the Mighty Lift Pallet Jack Stop works in all environments. It has a unique underside pattern that holds tightly to the floor when the jack is in place. No matter how the truck or trailer moves, the pallet jacks stays stationary to prevent damage.
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Reduces Freight and Trailer Damage
  • Quickly secures all pallet jacks
  • Put one in every truck and trailer
  • No more need to turn your jack on its side which causes severe hydraulic damage