WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) HDC-450

The Drum Stacker is perfect for positioning 55 gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums horizontally on shelves. The solid steel construction provides stability during transit. Drums are held in place with a ratchet mechanism. Drums may easily rotate 360 with rotation method. Unit rolls easily on (2) 8" x 2" phenolic casters and (2) 5" x 2" swivel polyurethane casters. Comes standard with hydraulic foot pump. Optional power units available for the lifting operation.

Available Options:

Drum Stacker
Model PDF's Rotation Method Lift Height Capacity (lbs) Net Weight (lbs)
HDC-450-60   Hand Crank 60" 800 604
HDC-450-72   Pull Chain 72" 800 659
HDC-450-84   Pull Chain 84" 800 709
HDC-450-96   Pull Chain 96" 800 798

Drum Stacker Options

Model Description Net Weight (lbs)
HDC-DC Battery operated power unit 36
HDC-AC Electrical power unit 36
HDC-AIR Air/Oil operated power unit (lift only) 36