Model DRUM-55FP has an adjustable beak design which allows it to grab 30 & 55 gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums. Drums can easily be placed or removed from pallets, spill containers and scales. Available with built-in scale feature.                                      


Model DRUM-55S has a unique grapple to hold 55 gallon drums securely into the steel saddle prior to lifting it vertically. The drum is held in this position during transit, enabling open drums to be handled without spillage.






Model DRUM-SCLG & DRUM-SCLF have a scale readout built into Drum Jack model DRUM-55FP. The scale allows the drum to be weighed and moved all with the same piece of equipment. The scale features a capacity of 1,000 lbs. with an accuracy of +/-0.5 lbs. 12V DC operation with battery and charger included. Stainless steel scale components. NEMA 4 scale read-out housing swivels 360 for maximum viewing convenience.