Efficient use of space is one of he easiest ways to improve your bottom line.  Today's warehouses are being built higher to counter the increased cost of land and it's not uncommon to see a building with 20' ceilings or higher.  Professionally engineered, fabricated and installed, our mezzanines can double your warehouse space with very little investment.  As an added value, our mezzanines are completely bolted and not welded.  This allows them to be disassembled easily and moved should you relocate.



Mezzanines & Mezzanine Systems

Excellent for supervisory inplant offices, metal storage buildings, vision towers and more—Mezzanine-Built mezzanine systems from Naveles. provide a clear view of plant work areas and convert wasted vertical space into productive work environments.

Ideal for:

These rugged load-bearing mezzanine systems support two-story construction and can meet military specs MIL-B-28658D. Additionally, Mezzanine-Built systems can be designed to accommodate virtually any space requirement.

Mezzanine-Built powder coated steel mezzanines are built to your specification—custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, landings and stair systems. Heavy-duty and long-lasting, Panel Built provides the safest, lowest-maintenance, and most productive 2-story metal structures available today.


Mezzanine-Built Mezzanine Systems feature: