Move products from one workstation to another with the multipurpose Pallet Cart & Carousel.  The all welded construction features a 48" diameter carousel with a 1/4" tread plate deck and a removable handle for increased accessibility.  Mounted on four 8" phenolic casters, the model CC-48 can transport loads up to 2,000 lbs.


As a cart you are able to reduce the strain of physically moving packages from workstation to workstation.  To use simply lock the front casters perpendicular to the handle while allowing the other two to swivel as needed.

Reduce stretching and reaching with the manual 360 carousel.  To use, lock the two casters at the handle end at a 45 angle to the handle and allow the other two to swivel as needed.  Removing the handle allows for full access to the pallet at any position.


Pallet Cart & Carousel
Model Carousel Dia. Platform Height Capacity (lbs) Caster Type Net Weight (lbs)
CC-48 48" 10" 2,000 8" Phenolic 336